About Us

Hi, My name is Gayden, I stayed in Singapore and welcome to my website hustlebees.com

The website is created to record my journey in online businesses including the mistakes and successes I had since I started in 2016. Some readers who have landed on this website may be familiar with dropshipguru.sg where I have decided to integrate to this site to serve a global audience.

Allow me to do a quick introduction about myself. I have been dabbling in various online businesses since 2016. The main objective for me till now is to have a day job to pay my bills while being a part-time entrepreneur at nights or on weekends. I wanted to be able to do this full time by the time I am at 40 years old.

My first profitable venture is doing dropshipping on eBay in 2016. I was inspired by a course in Udemy then, where this guy who is a Vietnamese American was dropshipping products he doesn’t own and selling them for a profit in eBay. I was doing it for 2 years and able to ramp it up to 6 digits revenue without owning any inventories and almost $0 startup cost. Unfortunately, eBay started to clamp down on drop shippers on their platform and shutting down eBay stores that are selling goods without inventories.

Subsequently, I tried and replicate this business model to Qoo10 in Singapore and was dropshipping items from Aliexpress.  Business was quite good where I did close to 60k in revenue for 2019.

However, in 2020, Qoo10 liked Ebay also started to get very strict with drop shippers on their platform and suspending stores without warning. I felt that it is not worth my effort anymore to redo the listings and decide to go into flipping profitable websites in 2019.

Currently, I own a portfolio of passive income websites. Some of them are created from scratch while others are bought and improved to sell it for a profit within a year if possible.


Hustlebees brand mission is the core of everything we do, and it’s as simple as it is powerful. Support your journey to start and maintain a sustainable online business.

This website offers must-have free information and the best tools needed for every step of the long journey right from zero to launching a profitable online business.